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About Us

Why the Silver Wizard?
The Silver Wizard believes that the magic of jewellery should be available to everyone. We have searched the world to find our magical gems with all the sparkle of diamonds without compromising lustre, brilliance or clarity. Our gems are cut to the same precise standards as natural diamonds so it takes a trained eye to separate them from the real thing!


The Silver Wizard uses genuine 925 Sterling Silver.
We only use the highest standard of silver used in jewellery. The minimum quantity of pure silver in items described as Sterling Silver must be at least 925 parts per thousand. This means it won't make your skin go green and it's better for people with sensitive skin. All of our jewellery is stamped 925 for sterling silver.


The Origin of the Silver Wizard
We have been working with quality jewellery for a long time. The idea for the Silver Wizard was born with the creation of it's sister site, Amber Tree, but it took time for us to find the perfect gems for our magical jewellery. Now we are ready to share our discovery with you.